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#18 Russell Butler – iVentiv

I am joined this week by Russell Butler. Russell is the founder of iVentiv, based in Kenilworth. iVentiv offers learning and networking events for senior executives. Founded in 2008 as a response to what he saw as an inadequate ‘sit and listen’ conference format that didn’t allow people to truly learn and exchange ideas. Instead, iVentiv’s unique format does away with formal talks in favour of interactive sessions where every participant is a speaker, allowing event attendees to take away new ideas that they can apply to their business in an actionable way.

#10 Lash Saranna

I'm joined this week by Lash Saranna. Lash is the founder and CEO of Electric Zoo.

In this episode we hear about what it took, for Lash to give up on 35 years and move on, why the barriers to entry for electric are not as high as we think and how the future is fast approaching.


#11 David Ohandjanian

I'm joined this week by David Ohandjanian. David is founder of a local marketing and design agency called Adao, based in Rugby.

In this episode we hear about why you should see your business as an extension of you, why culture is so important, and why businesses have to be seen online, especially during COVID-19. Also be sure to listen to the end where David shares some of his top online marketing tips and has a great offer for you and your business.


#12 Jess McLish – Coventry Rocks

I'm joined this week by Jessica McLish. Jess is the owner of Coventry Rocks - a website made especially for families to find things to do in the local area. Usually full-to-the-brim with local events and attractions, the website has adjusted (once again!) to feature Outdoor Spaces, Online Activities, and Supporting Local Businesses.


#13 Dale Hancock – Dale Vincent Coaching

I'm joined this week by Dale Hancock. Dale is a fellow Rugbiean, who is a confidence coach for students with an ambition to impact over 1 million students worldwide.

In this episode we hear how Dale struggled with bullying and the impact that this had on him personally, how coaching transformed his life following a series of life changing events, as well as exploring some sub topics, such as social medias impact on kids    

#1 Les Ratcliffe MBE TD DL – CW Champions

For the first ever episode, I'm joined by Les Ratcliffe. Les is Chair and one of the founder members of the Coventry and Warwickshire Champions and Place Board; a Deputy Lieutenant; and the previous Head of Community Relations at JLR.

#14 Taylor James – The Waffle Shop Podcast

I am joined this week by Taylor James. Taylor is the host of The Waffle Shop Podcast, the Mental Health Podcast that was born as part of his therapy for his Anxiety and PTSD after nearly losing his mum to an operation gone wrong.

He is now on a mission to turn the pain and experience into a survival guide for others who may be struggling or facing their own Mental Health Challenge.

#2 Sandra Garlick – Woman Who

I'm joined this week by Sandra Garlick. Sandra is the founder of Woman Who - Woman who exists to inspire women in business to recognise their achievements, celebrate them and become local women in business role models to, in turn inspire others.

#3 Matt Robinson – Mister Robinsons Barbershop

I'm joined this week by Matt Robinson. Matt is a rugby lad, born and raised, and the owner of the multi-award winning Mr Robinsons Barbershop. We hear how Matt overcame difficult periods in his life and now uses these trials and tribulations to drive his culture and inspiration throughout his life and business, to #keepithandsome.

#15 Ryan Cleaver – Power Nation Cheer

I am joined this week by Ryan Cleaver. Ryan is the owner of Power Nation Cheer.

Over the last 7 years Power Nation (PN) has become a leading supplier in the niche industry of Allstar Cheerleading, providing bespoke designs and finished products of various sporting merchandise along side manufacturing high level equipment for teams across the UK & Europe.

#16 Claire Russell – MHIB

I am joined this week by Claire Russell. Claire is CEO and one of the founders of MHIB - and her vision is to lead a global shift in mental health in the workplace. With her fellow directors she is passionate about helping to effect change, break down taboos and open up the conversation about mental health.

#4 Holly Matthews – The Happy Me Project

Holly is a former TV actress on shows such as Byker Grove and Waterloo Road, Ted X speaker, a no bullshit self development coach, NLP practitioner and founder of The Happy Me Project.

During our discussion we hear about how having an escape to be creative is so important not just in our youth but throughout life, why entrepreneurship, failure and earning money in business is not something to be ashamed off, and critically that if you can accept and understand that pain and suffering are just a part of our human experience, you can really begin to build an amazing life.


#5 James Byrne – AccountancyManager

I'm joined this week by James Byrne. James is the CEO and co-founder of AccountancyManager, a multi-award-winning onboarding and practice management software designed to reduce the admin involved in running an accountancy firm.


#6 Alex Harvey – RiVR

I'm joined this week by Alex Harvey. Alex is the Co-founder and Creative Director of RiVR, otherwise know as Reality in Virtual Reality.


#17 Gus Bhandal – The M Guru

I am joined this week by Gus Bhandal. Gus runs a digital marketing agency supporting small businesses with online visibility, focusing on social media.  He has over 20 years of marketing experience in a variety of sectors, and now helps service-based businesses to grow their presence and, ultimately, their business using digital marketing strategies.

#7 Paul Nicholls – Wolf Pack Tennis

I'm joined this week by Paul Nicholls. Paul is the founder of Wolf Pack Tennis.

Based in Rugby town centre, Wolf Pack Tennis is is the first indoor, High Street, 'neo tennis' venue in the UK and we aim to smash the barriers involved in people picking up a tennis racket and playing tennis, by making it cool!


#8 Ethan Smith – Five Star Theatre

I'm joined this week by Ethan Smith. Ethan is the founder of Five Star Theatre, a Rugby based theatre production company.

A passion that started as a child, has since morphed into a labour of love. Five Star Theatre now produces regular professional productions, including pantomimes, children’s tours and various one-nighter concerts, alongside a number of partner venues.  

#9 Rosanna Williams-Wood

I'm joined this week by Rosanna Williams-Wood. Roz is the founder of The Secret Coach and Co-founder of Summit Human Potential.

In this episode we hear about the importance of being comfortable with discomfort, how truly listening to someone can help them unlock their potential as well as a critical piece on how to successfully manage feedback.


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